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Submitting a Member Recommendation Form is just one of the many ways you can help a chapter during recruitment. Information provided by alumnae and other members of Alpha Xi Delta help chapters recognize Alpha Xi Delta legacies and select strong women for membership in our organization. If you know an outstanding young woman who will be going through recruitment this year, please fill out the online form on the National Fraternity’s website, or you can download the form here and email it to memberservices@alphaxidelta.org.


If you choose to download the form and fill it out, please make sure you have the newest version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You can obtain this for free at www.adobe.com/reader. If you don’t update to the newest version of Adobe Reader, you may not be able to save the information you type onto the form.

Member Recommendation Form

Download Recommendation Form PDF


Potential New Members (PNMs) can sign up for recruitment after EXPO. EXPO is an event, typically held during the month of November, that gives PNMs a chance to meet sorority women and ask questions about the recruitment process. After this event, registration will be open online through the beginning of January, usually. The fee to register is $50.00. This helps to cover costs for your recruitment t-shirt and for rental fees for various campus rooms. Once you are registered, there are no refunds. 
Recruitment Guides (Rho Gammas) will be in contact with PNMs with specific information for eligible women who have registered before recruitment begins. So no worries if you have questions! Rho Gammas will help you with whatever you need.
Formal Recruitment occurs over two weekends in January: 

  • Friday January 16th: Recruitment Kick-Off in Schine
  • Saturday January 17th: Round 1 (Go Greek!)
  • Sunday January 18th: Round 2 (Philanthropy Round)
  • Saturday January 24th: Round 3 (House Tour Round)
  • Sunday January 25th: Round 4 (Preference Round)
  • Monday January 26th: Bid Night  

There are some minimum requirements in order to go through recruitment.

  • PNM's must have at least a 2.5 GPA or above to go through recruitment.  The Panhellenic Council does not round up. No exceptions will be made.
  • PNM's must have at least 12 completed Syracuse University Credits. Unforunately, transfer credits do not count.This is why freshman must wait until second semester to go through recruitment and why transfer students must wait a semester.
  • PNM's must be in good judicial standing (not on disciplinary prohibition, suspension, OR have an open case with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities). The Panhellenic Council will be checking all Judicial Records of those who have registered. No exceptions will be made.

No refunds will be given if you have signed up for recruitment. If you are a potential new member, please make sure that you meet the minimum expectations listed above before registering. For any questions that we cannot answer, please e-mail: SUPanhellenicRecruitment@gmail.com.